Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes by Ian Stimson

He's listened to The Gaffer Tapes since episode one and has more nicknames than a fat kid who wears glasses, with a lisp and a limp. But this week, we will stick with just Ian Stimson as he talks through his take on the new rules and chips for the 2015/2016 season and drops some glorious puns even we would be proud of. 

Nobody likes change; unless you’re existing under a brutal dictatorship or you’re a tramp living outside a Carphone Warehouse with an emaciated greyhound. Then you bloody love it. But for seasoned FPL players this season there has been the biggest shake-up to the rules I can remember.

It’s all about ‘chips’. They are single-use, one-at-a-time tools that will give you a points boost in the gameweek they’re used. (Unless you’re the clown who triple-captained Courtois in which case you should give up now). The 5 chips consist of 2 wildcards; one first-half of the season and one second-half, All-Out Attack, Triple Captain, and Bench Boost.

First the one you’re probably familiar with, the wildcard. The change from previous years is that there is no longer a wildcard that can only be used in January. Hopefully the fact we’re not ‘forced’ to use a wildcard during a single month should be a positive one, reducing the likelihood of us all having the same team in the second half of the season. Use the early wildcard whenever you like, patch up a shocker of a start or wait for an international break to build some value and have two weeks tinkering time. The second one however probably needs to be used to get max value out of any double gameweeks which may arise, but remember that a wildcard cannot be used in the same week as any other chip.

                                  Charlie Kelly, the Wildcard! If you get it, eat a Toblerone.

                                  Charlie Kelly, the Wildcard! If you get it, eat a Toblerone.

In my opinion, the worst of the chips is All-Out Attack. Let’s look at GW1; if you’d have used it here with only Yaya of the big names really performing, you’d have been no better off. I think this can just be banged out in any week where you have attackers in your team playing against defenders in your team but you don’t fancy a transfer. Meh. A resounding meh.

Next we have the Triple Captain. If you feel a mini-league slipping away from you then you could slap it on Aguero any week and hope he runs riot. But I’m gonna do my best to hold until a double gameweek. This could be used on a double where there’s only one extra game, pick a player, cross your fingers.

Finally Bench Boost; unless your name’s Tom Holmes (The Hanging Gardens of Babytom), then this could be the most powerful chip. Providing you have a bench that plays, i.e. not Jermaine Jenas and Shay Given, you should be looking at 8 points extra minimum, and hopefully a good few more. If we get one of those double gameweeks where there are 3 or more extra games then you could clean up. Use your second wildcard the week before and load up on 15 players with two games in the double and you could be looking at a record-breaker! Whilst probably crippling your team for the remainder of the season. But it could be done and dusted by then and you’ll be dripping in Toblerones.