To Wildcard or Not To Wildcard. The Gaffer Tapes GW2 League Review by Steve Clift

Football Blogger Steve Clift continues his excellent league reviews, looking at those who have pulled the trigger on FPL's most useful weapon: The Wildcard. For more from Steve, follow @cliftsport on twitter. 

The biggest talking point within FPL circles on Twitter this week has been whether GW2 is too early to deploy the first of each player’s two wildcard tokens. Interestingly, there are four examples of Gaffer Tapes mini-league competitors making wholesale changes after just one gameweek. Sat Gainda (104) made numerous transfers in the lead up to the deadline and will be delighted with Myhill (10), Ayew (7), Chadli (8), Silva (11), Aguero (6), and his captain pick, Gomis (12).

Muhammad Husni (93) made twelve transfers (keeping faith with Azpilicueta, Mane and Rooney) and benefited from Romero (6), Darmian (7), Mahrez (10) and Payet (9) backing up their first gameweek showings. But Tyler Whetzel (86) opted to use just six of his unlimited transfers, with Redmond (11) delivering decent returns but Ward (10) left stranded on his bench. However, Chris Bain (9) chose to make ten transfers at a cost of 36 points, keeping his wildcard token for another day. He may rue replacing Toure with Oscar and Benteke with Bony though, with the power of hindsight, but earns kudos for captaining Mignolet (12).

With Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City and Liverpool all in action on Sunday and Monday, it was fascinating to ponder what it must have felt like to have minimal points after seven Premier League games. That fate befell Warren Lloyd (64), Connor Perry (64), and to a lesser extent, Ganesh Shyam (53). Only Larsson (1) and Pelle (1) had put points on the board for Warren and Connor, as both may have slept uneasily on Saturday night. Ganesh, meanwhile, suffered red cards to Janmaat (-3) and Adrian (-1), as his day suffered some rotten luck.

Elsewhere, Chris Newman (92) caught the eye with Williams (9), Kompany (11) and Barkley (11) proving great differentials; Luke Beal (80) saw good returns from his Everton contingent – Jagielka (6) and Lukaku (13); but Adam Britt (70) will be devastated that Bony came on for just eight minutes as he had awarded his vice-captaincy to Coleman (11).

Finally, Jon F. Libon (99) might have suffered the nightmare ‘Courtois to Adrian’ transfer, but Mata (9) and Giroud (14) will have offered some cheer as he climbed several places in The Gaffer Tapes mini-league.

                                                Just look at his bloody hair. Gorgeous. 

                                                Just look at his bloody hair. Gorgeous. 

Team in Focus

The Albert St Project managed by Imran Salim

A fifth-place finisher last season - and a studious player of the Fantasy Premier League - it has been a tough start for Imran, who has a modest total of 47 points after two gameweeks. With Mane, Sterling, Hazard, Kane and Rooney all underperforming so far this season, it was Benteke (18) who added a dash of gloss to a troublesome week. But Imran is a knowledgeable player of the game, as evidenced by his early transfer of Gomez (5) last week, capitalising on his price rise and seeing his team value grow to £100.2m. Whether Imran reaches for his Wildcard token this week is unknown (he has used four transfers already this gameweek), but you can bank on him using it well should he do so.