5 Mistakes I've Made This Season... by Craig

In this series, each of our Gaffers will list the top 5 mistakes they've made so far this season (if any) and what has held them back from being top of their own mighty FPL league. First up, Craig tells us what he's done wrong and the very little he has done right. 


1.     Backing the wrong promoted horse


I love picked a striker from a newly promoted side. Last year I backed Ulloa from the beginning and looked like a bloody genius as he terrorised top defences for a couple of months. This year I toiled between Watford’s talisman Troy Deeney and the less assuming Callum Wilson. I think you can write the end of this story yourself.

2.     Expensive Defence

I am a big fan of getting points on the board from the back. A strong defence can have you on 25 points before assists or goals even become a consideration. With that in mind, I spent more on my defensive team than OJ Simpson and had Terry and Ivanovic from the off. 8 combine points later, I had to go cap in hand to Southampton and ask for my defenders back.

3.     Bad Captains

I join the millions of people who can protest that they always get their captaincy wrong. Aside from Swansea’s Ayew I am yet to score big from a skipper choice and I am not ashamed to say I’ve resorted to waving my finger over them and saying ‘stop’ recently. Where’s Ruud Van Nistelrooy when you need him?

4.     Stubbornness

Anyone who knows me will tell you that this extends beyond FPL as well. I disagree.  I have been so reluctant to jump on any bandwagons and often rule out signing someone simply because they are over 25% picked. If I had just bitten the bullet and brought in Mahrez and Wilson 3 weeks ago, I wouldn’t be languishing as an 8 click wanker (could be worse by the time you read this). My own snobbery of worrying that people thinking I don’t have my opinion has in fact left me trailing behind those idiots who don’t even watch football.

5.     I host an FPL podcast

I often rue the very day I sat and watched Ash sip a Cointreau and Lucozade and agreed to host a fantasy football podcast. With that power came great responsibility and I am now reminded in visual and audio form when I am underperforming in FPL. Which is a lot. A lot. Like, loads.