A Quick Thank You

After 5 years, I have decided not to renew the subscription on my website tomholmescomedy.com... please take a moment to compose yourselves. Maybe light a candle and sit for a while staring into the flickering flame, contemplating life and our fragile existance as human beings.

In 2011 I did the classic open-mic comedian thing of getting a website after doing three open spots in London, in case my hordes of fans wanted to know which basement I was in, performing to six disinterested drunks… talking of disinterested drunks: how’s your mum?! (That is an example of the sort of laughs I’m able to generate.)

Every year the subscription came up and every year I paid the £30 to renew it. However, this year I decided against it. Do you know how many nappies £30 buys? No, seriously, do you, my wife does the shopping.

Standup has taken a backseat to a few things in my life. If someone contacts me and asks me to do their comedy night, I’ll do it as I can’t afford to turn down the money (seriously, do you know how much nappies cost? Like, loads of money and stuff) but it’s not my main focus any more. I bet you can guess what is...

This week, we found out that we had been nominated in the Football Blogging Awards for a second year running. We are one of 10 podcasts vying for the coveted ‘Best Football Podcast’ gong. It’s a cliche, but the main thing is just to be nominated. No, it really is. It is done solely on votes, so the fact that we are one of the top ten most popular football podcasts is incredible. We’re up against 'Dream Team FC', hosted by James “Jay from The Inbetweeners” Buckley and ‘Athletico Mince’, hosted by Bob “my comedy fucking hero” Mortimer. So, yeah; we’re over the moon just to be nominated.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank each and every single one of you for voting for us and getting us nominated. To show our appreciation... we’d like to ask you to vote for us again, this time to win. YOU - ARE - WELCOME.

You can vote online here:


You can send a tweet vote, by simply clicking this link and sending the tweet that it has written for you:


But seriously, as a thank you (and nothing to do with the fact that we are trying to win the judge’s vote) we can reveal that everyone’s favourite Megan Fox Lip-Locking, Manchester United Supporting, Jingle Singing, Pianist Hobbit, sir Dominic of Monaghan will be appearing as a guest the week after next (Week Commencing 17th October), so watch out for that and get your questions in for Dom via twitter @TheGafferTapes or email: info@thegaffertapes.com.

We really, really do love you all.

We are nothing without you. Literally. I don’t even have a website anymore :(

Tommy Teacakes aka Big T-Dogg