5 Reasons My FPL Season Is Over by @CraigHazell

1.     Maths

There comes a point where you can’t deny it any longer. People denying The Holocaust now have more credibility than those claiming I can make a success of my FPL team this season. I can’t win. I won’t win and as well as sounding like the most depressing gambling/cooking show ever, it’s the truth. Sometimes you have to accept it’s too late.

2.     Riyad Mahrez


It’s quite simple. I should’ve included him earlier. In fact I should’ve just included him at some point! I had Mahrez for a total of two weeks and he scored 4 points. I kept thinking that he would eventually turn into Jay Spearing but it just didn’t happen. A victim of my own stubbornness.


3.     The Manchester United Defence


I took a risk and loaded on one club in defence, hoping to gain 18 points at a time. United looked decidedly boring so I opted for them. After all they had 10 0-0 or 1-0s at home in a few months. Sadly Diego Costa scored late on and I lost 18 points in one foul swoop. Borthwick-Jackson? More like Borthwick-CACKson, right guys?


4.     The Gaffer Tapes


I can’t begin to tell you how much more pressure you’re under when over 10,000 people listen to you and your friends every week. Yes, that affects them too but that’s not the point.


5.     Bandwagons

Much like the Mahrez situation, I just kept thinking things couldn’t last. And as my Grandad used to say “if you can see the bandwagon, then it’s already too late”. He never said that but picture an old man you like and then him saying it. It kind of works. Vardy?  Missed it. Mahrez? Missed it. Payet? Missed it. Dele Alli has been my only saviour and he must wonder what the hell he is doing in my team with the bunch of losers I’ve stuck with. FPL isn’t a Disney film, a dog won’t save your season!