The Best Player Who Didn't Score in Gameweek 1 by Ross Shorland

We are using Coutinho's stats as a reference who scored two goals, three bonus and a total of 15 points. You cannot ask for much better than that can you. This makes people freak out and play chase the points by jumping on the Coutinho bandwagon leaving behind these great picks with imminent returns. 


We are not saying that Coutinho will stop scoring from now on. No, we are just trying to draw attention to players who could be forgotten but act ads great differentials.


Dusan Tadic


Even though Dusan has a tricky fixture this Gameweek against Manchester United away, his stats are not to go unnoticed. He racked up the most attempted assists (6) and Penalty area actions (12) out of all 4 players and three times more than Coutinho. That is orgasmic stuff.


As mentioned above he does play United this week but his next 3 home games consist of Sunderland, Swansea and Burnley, he could definitely produce in these games.


Tadic is currently owned by just 5.4% so acts as a great differential.


Andros Townsend


Townsend had a really solid debut game for Palace at the weekend. Again he beat Coutinho in all fields with his standout stat, attempted shots with 6. However caution to the wind here as all but one of these shots was outside the box. But who is to say one of those won't fly in more often than not from the ex Newcastle United midfielder.


When Palace decide to get into their big boy pants and actually buy a top class forward, that will be when to pick Townsend for sure. 


That said, Townsend does have the easiest fixtures out of the bunch playing Bournemouth, Middlesborough, Stoke and Sunderland in their next 6. He also plays Tottenham away this week which i am sure he will want to show them a thing or two.


Man i'm just thinking if they sign a striker coming into week 3, Townsend will be a great pick.


Christian Eriksen


With the attention focused on Lamela for scoring the equalizing goal and collecting 10 points, It was in fact Eriksen with the most positive stats. He racked up 3 shots, 2 attempted assists a massive 24 successful final third passes and 9 penalty area actions. 


Eriksen is also on free kick and corner duties, enhancing his prospects for attacking returns.


Like Townsend, Eriksen has some great fixtures coming up with games against Palace, Stoke, Sunderland and Middlesborough in the next 5. 



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