Selection Headaches by Ross Shorland

In fantasy NFL, a common strategy is to stream a Quarter Back. That way you don't have to spend much on a player in that category and depending on fixtures, even the unpicked quarterback's can score just as much as the top Quarter Backs on their day. 

Despite trying to avoid every Americanism as possible, it's actually a cool idea and I wonder if it's possible to use this strategy for FPL.

There are a few good choices for the start of the season to use this Strategy. 

Sunderland and Crystal Palace & West Ham and Southampton. By just a little glimpse at last years stats i could see that Southampton rank second for goals scored at home (39) and West Ham rank Sixth (34) whereas Palace ranked second from bottom for goals scored at home (19) and Sunderland Seventh from bottom (23).

Saints scored 39 goals at home last season (2nd) but can Austin replace Pelle and his lovely hair?

Saints scored 39 goals at home last season (2nd) but can Austin replace Pelle and his lovely hair?


I emphasized home fixtures because if you rotate a player from West Ham and Southampton, your fourth midfielder will have all home fixtures for the first 9 Gameweeks:


Week 1 - Watford (H)

Week 3 - Sunderland (H)

Week 5 - Swansea (H)

Week 8 - Burnley (H)

West Ham

Week 2 - Bournemouth (H)

Week 4 - Watford (H)

Week 6 - Southampton (H)

Week 7 - Middlesborough (H)

Week 9 - Sunderland (H)

Now for the fun stuff. In the list above, West Ham scored <strong>9 goals</strong> at home against the four Premier League clubs last season. Southampton in turn scored <strong>6 goals</strong> in the same fixture last season, barring Burnley of course. 

It just shows that these are very friendly fixtures against these teams above.

That was the simple find, Now for the tricky part on finding the right pairing. Depending on your budget which I presume is not much, i will cater for your every need...


Nathan Redmond 6.0m

It is yet to be found out whether Redmond will be deployed in the false 9 position or on the wing, but what is certain is that he will have a advanced role in Southampton's attack. Despite being just 22, Nathan has gained plenty of experience in the Premier League with Norwich City, showing his quality at the top level on a consistent basis.

&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; Nathan Redmond is proving a popular pick despite his hair looking like an ice cream.&nbsp;

        Nathan Redmond is proving a popular pick despite his hair looking like an ice cream. 


Redmond scored six goals and four assists for Norwich last year. Not blow your mind amazing, but if you breakdown his season, he played 70 minutes and over in just 21 games. Redmond is clearly bought as a replacement for Mane and so far he has been filling Mane's shoes this pre-season scoring two goals, joint top with forward Charlie Austin. 

Dusan Tadic 7.5m

Now you could spend a little bit extra to get someone who scored 5 goals and 7 assists in just 14 starts at home for the Saints. That's nearly an attacking return every game. He is a dead cert in the team and should thrive this season. 

Not only that but in the same fixture last year, Home to Watford, Sunderland and Swansea, Tadic scored in <strong>every game!</strong> I now have a semi! 


West Ham

Sofiane Feghouli 5.5m

Ok so his last season was not the best. 1 goal and 2 assists doesn't exactly give one a semi but he was injured and clearly out of favour. 

Looking back Feghouli scored 22 goals and 34 assists in 155 games in his La Liga spell (that's better) and means last season could well have been an anomaly. I really rate Feghouli here.

Sofiane (cue giggles) has proven himself this pre season, putting in some good performances and even has a goal to his name. He is perfect for West Ham's set up. 

Mark Noble 6.5m

The Disappointment of not going to the Euro's should motivate Noble to carry on where he left off last season where he scored 7 goals, 4 assists and 11 bonus points. Not only that but he is West Hams penalty taker and could well be given a more advanced role now they have signed defensive midfielder Nordtveit, and especially now Lanzini has been confirmed out for around 5 Weeks, Noble could well move up to attacking midfield position.

Just like Tadic, though, Noble scored 3 goals against these four premier teams in the same fixtures last year. 


Just think if you had been able to have rotated Noble and Tadic for the same games last year, your fourth midfielder would have scored Six goals in Seven games! You have the no1 highest scoring player in the league and he is your 4th midfielder!

What is interesting though, is the games we avoid by rotating these two players. If we keep using Tadic and Noble from last season as a guide, we can see a difference in results for these two in these away games:

Dusan Tadic

Man utd (a) - 0 goals 0 assists

Arsenal (a) 0 goals 0 assists 

West ham (a) 0 goals 1 assist 

Leicester (a) 0 goals 0 assists 

Manchester city (a) 0 goals 0 assists 

Mark Noble

Chelsea (a) 0 goals 0 assists 

Man city (a) 0 goals 0 assists 

West Brom (a) 2 goals

CP (a) 0 goals 0 assists 

&nbsp; &nbsp;Remember to the listen the the podcast to the find out what the f&amp;*k this means!!!

   Remember to the listen the the podcast to the find out what the f&*k this means!!!

That is why i love this strategy so much. You dont have to spend much for two average players but combine the two and you could rack up the points like crazy, by avoiding the poor fixtures but playing the good ones. 


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