Round Robin 2

Nana’s had another one of her mental moments and decided to send out a second Round Robin to let you know what's going on at Gaffer Tapes HQ… just humour her.


VERY Special Guests!

We always try to avoid the type of guests you usually find on the myriad of Fantasy Football Podcasts that have come out since us, so we’ve been busy calling on some big names.

Tom was away on his biannual erotic caravan holiday with his Step-Dad for Episode 99, so filling in for him was someone far funnier, far more attractive, far more successful and far, far more knowledgeable about Fantasy Football… comedian and impressionist Luke Kempner!

Also, depending on when you’re reading this, our landmark 100th episode featured/features an interview with rapper, actor, comedian and Crystal Palace fan Doc Brown!

*Interesting Behind-the-Scenes Gaffer Fact: Doc (we just call him “Doc”) was actually talking to us while in the dressing room at The Apollo with Ricky Gervais. We have listened to the audio several times to see if Gervais lets out an audible cough or even fart, so that we can say he appeared on the podcast as well, but alas; he doesn’t. Selfish.

Big thank you also to Nicola McCarthy of Man City TV, who appeared as a guest when Craig was on international duty in Turkmenistan to add the sort of high-profile football knowledge and professionalism that has never been seen (heard) on The Gaffer Tapes: Fantasy Football Podcast before.

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We are going LIVE!

October 24th, Phoenix Artist Club, Soho, The Gaffer Tapes: Live. 

We’ve been saying we’re going to do a live podcast for a long time, so we put our money where our considerable mouths are.

We are happy to say that it is SOLD OUT!

Originally it was to celebrate our 100th episode, but because Tom can’t count, it’s actually going to be number 101… but, you know, 101 is the new 100, innit.

With our background in standup comedy, it was inevitable that we were going to go live one day, and we finally will be. Watch this space for the release of the live show as a podcast and for more dates!

The Gaffer Tapes- Live Poster.jpg



Yeah, we’ve got a shop, get over it!

You know how you’ve always wanted Gaffer Tapes t-shirts, hoodies, vests, babygrows, iPhone cases, mugs, stickers and tote-bags (still don’t know what a tote-bag is), well now you can get them here:

We are very proud of our little store, so have a browse, pick up some things during the October Sale, but don’t steal anything… Forrest the dog is on security.

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Craig on talkSPORT

At the start of August, we were asked to provide talkSPORT Radio with a Gaffer for their Fantasy Football Special. Seen as Tom and Ash answered the call when Asmire Begovic came looking for some Fantasy Football experts, it was only right that Craig rose to the occasion like the spectacled salmon that he is. Craig and The Sun’s Dream Team FC co-host Andrew Butler joined Danny Kelly in the talkSPORT studio, and you can hear the show here:

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We got Verified!

Getting a Blue Tick on Twitter isn’t everything, but it is a little bit everything. It’s a reward for all the time we spend tweeting instead of making apps/watching Turkmenistan Cycling/repairing radiators.

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Togga Draft

The Gaffers have gone all bloody transatlantic!

The UK is finally cottoning on to the craze of draft fantasy and the country’s biggest fantasy football podcast are playing theirs through Togga.

Draft fantasy football begins, of course, with the actual draft… and WHAT an experience that was. The three of us and a select few official, fully paid-up members of the Gafferazzi did a Togga draft in the spiritual home of the podcast; Pimpshuei, with the aid of a lot of free beer. We recorded a podcast, which is here: and there has been several blogs on our website that document the momentous occasion, so check those out for the full, hilarious, shambolic event.

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We think that’s it. We’re constantly trying to remain ahead of the sizeable pack that's forming behind us, and are constantly striving to take our brand to the next level, so expect another email from Nana next year to inform you of how we are getting on.


In the meantime, get in touch on twitter @TheGafferTapes or email us:



Here’s to another 100 episodes!

Tom, Ash and Craig.