A Letter to The Gaffers

Jack Saunders is a Spurs fan. He can't help it, bless him, it's like an illness. Luckily for us, Jack has taken time off from editing together the highlights of Tottenham's season for their 'We Finally Beat Arsenal and Came Second in the League' DVD Special and has written a cracking little letter to the Gaffers...

As a Spurs fan I tend to favour Arsenal players in FPL because then if they perform well at least I get points in FPL. Ash I think you’re the opposite right? You always seem to have West Ham players in your team, despite being shit, hoping for the double happiness if you win + FPL points? Tom do you still hang onto Arsenal players or are you done!?


I think it is now at a stage where I have to lose this way of thinking, because moody shorts Sanchez just doesn’t give a fuck, and Ozil’s previously see-a-pass-anywhere eyes seem to have developed favouritism to just passing to the opposition. I guess in the past this served me quite well as Arsenals top performers, despite not winning anything returned decent FPL points, and Spurs, as good as we occasionally looked, always conceded and would never string a decent run of wins together.  This season has finally been the opposite & it looks like I will for the first time ever have 3 Spurs players in my team. The true sign that Spurs are finally better than Arsenal. I was going to save this until it was mathematically impossible for us to finish below Arsenal but thought I’d give Tom a fine thread of hope that he could throw this back in my face if the previously inevitable happens again.  ****really bloody hoping we don’t fuck up our end of season run in again****….


Anyway, I saw an interesting piece the other day regarding Captains – and if you look at Arsenal’s since Viera (& Adams prior) I think this has a lot to do with their demise.


Henry - fabulous player, but can anyone take that French accent seriously on a pitch barking orders?

William Gallas – occasionally brilliant, regularly throwing tantrums

Cesc Fabregas – magician but again doesn’t have that hard-hitting captains’ persona about him

Robin van Persie – The 'Give it to our only good Player' pick

Vermaelen – sensible choice, but wasn’t he dropped for being shit?

Arteta – still not the solid centre mid you’d want as a captain- always injured

We are very aware that this is not a picture of Mikel Arteta, but his wife Lorena Bernal. We don't care.

We are very aware that this is not a picture of Mikel Arteta, but his wife Lorena Bernal. We don't care.

Mertesacker – does he even play? He was named club captain despite being injured for 4 months! Koshchielny been standing in as C most of this season which is the only decent choice imo.


Against Palace – Walcott was captain – that says enough really he’s a mouse & the game before Arsenal got a warning for not having a Captain nominated in the second half after Walcott went off – SHAMBLES! Even Gibbs has been C this year!

Wenger seems to be playing the wrong game when it comes to buying/selecting a solid Captain.


Here’s  a few Cpts from the other top 6 teams across the same time – all a lot more influential on the pitch I believe.

Chelsea – Terry, Cahill, Lampard, Drogba

Man City – Kompany/Hart

Spurs – King/Dawson/Carrick/Lloris

Liverpool – Gerrard/Henderson(not so much!)

Man Utd – Neville/Ferdinand/Vidic


Anyway, just wanted to give Tom something to read about Arsenal as I know he is praying Wenger stays, and he signs some league 2 french players in the summer.




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