GW2: Bedknobs & BloomsPicks

Once again, that cheeky little sausage Joe Bloom is here to recap his week playing draft fantasy football with the mighty Togga... It's sort of like The Diary of Adrian Mole... I guess... I haven't read it.

After a mildly disappointing first game-week of Gafferazzi Togga, I was invigorated by my momentum from the previous one due to my extensive attention to detail on the transfers, injuries, and lineup announcements for each team. Where I may have had some silly picks during the draft, I sure as hell wasn't going to let this affect my chances and end up with egg all over my face.

Just incase you didn't read last weeks' blog, I'll remind you that I unfortunately lost the opening game-week to one of the Gaffers themselves, Ash Kernsworth (by 80.75 points to his 129.25). I wouldn't call it a thrashing. He might, but don't listen to him.

My main issue from the first week, and essentially my draft picks altogether, is that my team has been seriously lacking any forward prowess. With the first game-week only including Perez and Origi up front in my squad totalling 1 point. Throw that up against Ash's Salah and Rashford in comparison, there's clearly a large gap in my squad in terms of quality and points hitters.

I knew that after the first game-week I'd have some potential in jumping on some early season in-form strikers, and try to grab them in the waiver wires which happen on Tuesdays and Thursdays - I assume because there's sometimes Monday night or Friday night games.

After a lot of playing around with the waivers, I setup my waiver wire to attempt the following transfers:

  • Origi for Okaka
  • Williams for Hegazi
  • Sterling for Doucoure

I needed to get my little mits on some juicy forwards, and with Okaka putting in a great effort in the first GW against Liverpool, I was eager to jump on that train by swapping with the non-starting Origi. Williams didn't have a terrible first week, but my other defenders were all getting generally many more points and I felt it would be a good shout to get on that Hegazi bandwagon to at least try pulling away those potential points from other players. Sterling too was a non-starter and din't have much impact in the first week, so I opted to switch to get Doucoure instead.

I was also tempted by Calvert-Lewin, but with Everton's run of tough fixtures I had him down low on the waiver wire (the wire is an order of preference for transfers to be made), just in case I didn't get Okaka or other in-demand options.

I ended up getting Okaka and Doucoure on my team from the Tuesday waivers, Williams stayed due to the demand for Hegazi in the wire and went elsewhere.

Rolling into early Thursday waivers, there was news that Ross Barkley's current injury was worse than expected, with him being out for up to 3 months. "Why the smeg did I pick Barkley with one of my first few draft picks!?" I screamed internally. I now had to swap him out for someone who was actually playing, which was actually a welcome surprise with him already being a constant benchwarmer. There was also news on the return of Daniel Sturridge at Liverpool, and that he'd be available for the lineup at the weekend against Crystal Palace. Due to the Champions League tie in the midweek, I thought he'd be likely to return for this matchup. Similarly, Antonio had been confirmed as returning from injury/recovery and was likely to be available at the weekend.

I jumped on these like a starving tigress jumps a zebra, at first throwing out Barkley, but quickly picking him back up again realising there was a still standing trade offer from none other than Ash Kernsworth. You see pre-GW1 I was offering around my injured/out-of-action players to the rest of the Gafferazzi - Sanchez, Coutinho, Barkley, Sterling... - to try and pick up some more guaranteed starters. In that time I received quite a few offers, one of which was Andre Ayew for Ross Barkley from Ash.

When I realised the offer was still standing, and Barkley was now definitely injured for quite a while, I grabbed up the player again to accept the trade. Boom, jammy dodgers. I had A. Ayew in my team, and another attacking option for my squad. Not a top tier forward by any means, but a guaranteed starting option, and a lot better than having an injury problem. Sneaky? Perhaps. Necessary? Definitely.

I still had Williams in my team, and was happy with my defensive options and saw him as extra due to his tough fixtures coming up so instantly swapped with Antonio as a free agent - likely because he was previously injured, and so no one had picked him up at all yet - confirming my attention to injury news as a necessity to stay ahead of other players. I knew here I had snagged a bargain.

Then, game-week 2 had begun. A few changes had to be made during the weekend - which is possible in the Togga format - such as bringing Sturridge into the lineup after he was confirmed starting; again proving it important to be constantly aware of when team lineups are announced. The new signings Ayew, Antonio too came into the first 11 from lineups, and Okaka dropped to bench as he wasn't starting this week, with my full team:

  • (GK) Schmeichel
  • (D) Dawson
  • (D) Vertonghen
  • (D) Stones
  • (M) Doucoure
  • (M) Fernandinho
  • (M) Henderson
  • (M) Antonio
  • (M) Dembele
  • (F) A. Ayew
  • (F) Sturridge

(Bench: Holebas, Kante, Okaka,  Coutinho (inj), Sanchez (inj)

With Chelsea having a fairly poor first game-week, I thought best not risk him doing much against a fairly decent Spurs. At the time I was choosing between Kante and Dembele, and decided on backing Spurs this week, which was correct by .5 in that comparison with Dembele getting 11.5 points and Kante getting 11 (but should have brought in Kante for one of my other mids). I also decided not to back Holebas, to my demise, and picked the more... consistent performers. But clearly I was wrong as I missed out on 20.25 juicy points.

On the plus side, new signing Antonio bagged a mouth-watering 22 points for my team. What a lovely man. Other standouts included Schmeichel getting 2 saves and a clean sheet to land 12 points, and Craig Dawson in defense grabbing 12.75 points with a expectedly consistent performance over at West Brom.

Unfortunately my forwards are still yet to grab me points with Sturridge ending up with 5, and Ayew with 4. I still need more forward options, or to hit some luck with form.

My opponent for GW2 was the Hazardous Max and his team Naked German's Team. I started ahead early in the game-week, and kept this consistently through to Monday night with a comfortable 50 point lead. The only thing I was relying on was for Man City to do the expected and slay Everton, as Max had three yet to play with Schneiderlin, Ramirez, and Rooney to play.

"It ain't over yet @Joe Bloom, Rooney to score 5 was my strategy for this week all along"
"@Max I'm shaking in my boots!"

Rooney pulled out a good game once again bagging 17 points for Max, but unfortunately for him Ramirez was still a non-starter and Schneiderlin was being a naughty boy and got himself a redcard and -5 points. This was a common theme for Max's team, with 4 players getting the wrong end of the points spectrum.

Naked German's Team 40.25 - Que Sera Salah 83.25

By the end of Tuesday, I solidified my first win of the season. Result. The league standings were as such, with my team Que Sera Salah jumping up a space on the table to 6th:

Moving on up with the first win!

Next week we face another serious challenge as we take on the draft leader Adam Race and his team Lu Ka Ka Ka Johnson. Preview: He has Lukaku and Pogba. Fudge nuggets.

See you next week. Remember to follow me on twitter @JoeBloomy