GW3: Bedknobs & BloomsPicks

With Gameweek 3 in the books (hooray) and an International Break this weekend (boo), Joe Bloom, manager of Que Sera Salah is here again to talk the trials and tribulations of his Togga Experience. God bless him, Mary Poppins.


Well here we are, we're 3 gameweeks into the 2017/18 Premier League (and Togga) season. We've had time to size up some of the best in-form players for the rest of the season, and we're heading into the international duty (boooorrrinngggg) and the end of the transfer window.

Will Sanchez go to Man City? Will Liverpool hang onto Coutinho? Will Evans finally be allowed to go to any of the multiple clubs that want him, because apparently he's worth £30m+? Well, we'll find out in the coming week but for now let's take a look back at my Gafferazzi Togga draft team's performance in GW3!

Following GW2 into the Waiver Wire for Tuesday, I did a straight swap of the unpicked Okaka - even though he had a good GW1 he was not picked again - for Richarlison another in-form and starting forward for Watford. I also attempted to get my hands on Calvert-Lewin at Everton who has showing really good form despite tough fixtures, Stoke's new signing Jese, and the tried and tested Capoue at Watford - but missed out on all.

Moving into the Thursday wire I had new players set in my sights. Spurs spent a cheeky few pennies to bring in Davinson Sanchez from Ajax, and I jumped on this straight away. As we already know about my potentially disappointing draft picks, I need to play ahead of every other person in the league and that means jumping on anything that moves like a horny badger to try stay ahead of my opponents. I swapped out Vertonghen to bring in Sanchez, who hasn't done a whole lot, feeling confident that Sanchez is going to be a guaranteed starter at Spurs for the rest of the season; you'd expect as much when you pay a pretty £46 million for him.

I looked at other available options at noticed that Butland at Stoke was available as a Free Agent, and decided that whilst Schmeichel had been decent for me recently he had tough fixtures ahead and opted temporarily for the hard to break down Stoke's defense instead.

With many mid-level midfielders to pick from, I decided that Henderson could be released to bring in other sub options in my team. Henderson left, and Chris Lowe at Huddersfield came in as a Free Agent who both he and his team are doing excellently and feels like a good train to ride for a while with various other "better" teams doing much worse currently.

In other football news in the week leading up to GW3 fixtures, Alexis Sanchez was confirmed to be returning from injury and would be available for the Liverpool matchup. Barcelona calmed their thirst for taking my beloved Coutinho out of the Premier League (and my draft team) by signing Dembele for a huge fee. I'm still hanging onto both Sanchez and Coutinho like a squirrel hordes his little nuts, storing them away for winter - and future potential fantasy points!

I now had more forward options in my team with Sanchez, Richarlison, A. Ayew, and Sturridge.

GW 3 begins against the league leader, Adam Race and his team "Lu Ka Ka Ka Johnson". I knew I was in for trouble here, with his Pogba, his Lukaku, his Mahrez, and even other decent picks like Abraham at Swansea. It felt a bit like going into a game of top trumps with the school bully who stole all the best cards from other people.

I was at a disadvantage, it's safe to say.

Yet, I pushed on with my Que Sera Salah lineup:

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 16.01.31.png

Unfortunately as I checked the Manchester City lineup, I didn't realise that J. Stones was benched against Liverpool. It wasn't what I expected as he is usually a firm starter, but his poor form at the start of this season probably has something to do with that. Pep is not afraid to swap you around if you don't turn up.

By the end of Saturday's games Adam was leading me with just 13 points ahead. I felt hope that I was still in for a chance., even with him having 6 left to play to my 5. As his big hitters Lukaku and Pogba having already played and the latter only getting mediocre points I felt the worse was over.

But alas, the Alexis Sanchez return on the Sunday was met with an absolute Gunners thrashing from my boys in red (Liverpool) ending him with just 4.5 points. I also made some unfortunate picks, with what could have been my 1st and 4th biggest pointers hitters in GW3 left on my bench in Sturridge (14.5) and Fernandinho (8).

The weekend ended Lu Ka Ka Ka Johnson a solid 92 points, against my Que Sera Salah mediocre 57.50 points.

The switch to Butland was a clear mistake. I left Stones in my team. Sanchez returned and offered nothing in the form of Togga points. And I left some sweet points on the bench. Errors were made, and I feel as though I let my team down. No. I let myself down.

So there we have it, GW3 over and I sit with 1 Win, and 2 Losses and positioned 7th in the Gafferazzi Togga Draft League table:

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 16.09.20.png

But I shan't let another defeat bring down my team's morale. They'll return with fresh legs and spirit, to fight for that Champions League spot - no matter what.

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