GW4: Bedknobs & BloomsPicks

The one and only Joe Bloom returns with another glorious account of his trials and tribulations in draft fantasy football.

Every few weeks into the new season of the Premier League, you can hear a dull groan from thousands of football fans all over the country. As soon as GW3 ends, we know that our beloved Premier League is put on hold whilst the international break takes place.


I think I speak for most football fans in England that we care more about results in League Two than we do international games with England. And that’s at no disrespect to League Two supporters, I’m literally saying it’s more important than international football.

With the time off from the premier league, I slacked off a bit from keeping up to date with the latest goings on in the footballing and fantasy world. This is a common reoccurrence for me, and one of the greatest reasons I can come unstuck in my fantasy efforts.

I did manage to crack in a few changes before GW4. In the first Tuesday after GW3, I did open up my little book and wallet and started some backhanders to get in a few new players that might offer be a greater return. It was the Tuesday waiver wire:

  • Stones > Wimmer
  • Lowe > Zanka
  • Butland > Schmeichel
  • A. Ayew > J. Ayew

I had been hanging onto John Stonesy for a little too long, on paper you’d expect him to be a big points hitter at Manchester City but they were having a few troublesome games at the back and so I chose to take a punt on someone different - in comes Wimmer; Stoke’s new signing from Spurs.

Lowe goes out for Zanka, a like-for-like with both being Huddersfield talents but the latter offering more of a points-per-game return of recent.

I brought in Butland over Schmeichel recently due to Leicester’s tough fixtures, but that turned out to be a bad choice. So I immediately opted back for my original keeper and will trust in Schmeichel for the majority of the season. He’s good good hands that lad.

Another somewhat like-for-like swap with Andre Ayew dropping out for Jordan Ayew simply for the fact that Jordan grabbed himself a goal previous week and was showing good form.

In the later waiver wires in between GW3-GW4 I didn’t go for any other transfers. As I said before, I had become a bit out of touch with the latest playerperformances and didn’t feel tingly about anyone in particular despite that.

Onto the GW4 matchup and I was to face the Stimdog himself, Stimmers, the Stimmeister General, the Stimpsons, the Stimmering Storm…Ian Stimson and his team “I Can Feel A Draft On My #balls”, charmin’.

Stimdog was definitely up there in the league boasting 3 straight wins. But this was a chance to pull some points from some of those top dogs. Especially this (Stim)dog.

With Stimmers’ team I was facing the likes of an in-form Firmino, Vardy, Mounie,  and a solid display of a defence in Valencia, Bailly, and Vertonghen (who, by the way, I released some weeks back). Pick up my old player and use him against me will you? I don’t take kindly to that.

It was Saturday 9th September, and me and a few of the Gafferazzi (+Ash) had decided to meet up in a local establishment in Central London to watch some of the football for the day. We were down early doors, el vino floweth, for Manchester City vs Liverpool and the rest of the days’ games.

Leading up to kickoffs, I was having a few discussions with my fellow draft competitors. I offered up my team for viewing to Adam Race and James Doncaster. Clearly this was a mistake.

James Doncaster and Adam Race, offering up their knowledgeable fantasy advice...

James Doncaster and Adam Race, offering up their knowledgeable fantasy advice...

I questioned whether I should play Dembele, and whether I should risk playing Sanchez over Kante. I was offered advice by Adam to play Dembele due to him likely getting more goals or assist points, and Sanchez because “he’s more likely to be the difference to win more points”.

To cut a long story short, Dembele played 19 minutes and got 0 points. Zero. Nilch. Nada. Sanchez played 15 minutes and totalled 3.5 points. Whereas Kante was left on my bench, sitting on a juicy 22.5 points. Nice one Adam.

It's starting to feel a bit like the Togga Draft night when Adam said Vokes is rubbish don't pick him as I was thinking about it, to then only pick Vokes straight after me with a smug look on his face. Cheeky sausage.

It's starting to feel a bit like the Togga Draft night when Adam said Vokes is rubbish don't pick him as I was thinking about it, to then only pick Vokes straight after me with a smug look on his face. Cheeky sausage.

But not all was lost, with my opponent’s team also making some bad choices leaving a total of 45.25 on the bench, the majority of which spread across players like Shaqiri and Butland.

My full lineup was as follows:

Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 12.16.02.png

Luckily for me some of my players showed some consistency in form. There was good showings from my defenders with Holebas (11.25) and D. Sanchez (12.75). Doucoure was still showing strong form grabbing 18.5 points to beef up an otherwise disappointing midfield. And a few mildly decent points spread across Richarlison (7.5) and J. Ayew (9.5) in attack.

The result was in after the end of Monday’s late kickoff between West Ham and Huddersfield: I Can Feel A Draft On My #balls (Stimdog) 71 - Que Sera Salah (me) 78.75

Me, Bloomhead, feeling rather chuffed with myself.

Me, Bloomhead, feeling rather chuffed with myself.

Thankfully I had managed to make enough of the right picks to beat his team. I had a bit of luck in some games with Man Utd conceding 2 to Stoke affecting his defence, and Liverpool sadly having a bad result against Manchester City affecting his otherwise in-form Firmino, and West Ham getting their first win against Huddersfield meaning Mounie’s didn’t get any goals or many points.

And there you have it, my second win of the season against a top team in the Gafferazzi league putting me on equal points with places 5-8:

Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 12.16.30.png

Join me again for the next GW, where I take on the stat-n-databases-man Raphael and his team “Did N’Dong In Da Bungalow”

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