Hi there. Hello everybody. Ahoy!

So, after almost five years, The Gaffer Tapes are no longer going to be making podcasts.

It’s been incredible and we’re where we are today because of the show and - of course - the listeners.

Thanks to everyone that has ever downloaded the show, especially those who have supported us since we first started in June 2014, recording on an iPhone in a living room whilst being humped by Ash’s dog.

We have a book coming out on July 1st and we’ve just filmed an amazing TV Pilot that we are hoping will pave the way for a Gaffer Tapes TV Show.

We’re also exploring opportunities in radio and online video content, so there is no way you’ve seen and heard the last of us - we’re just not making weekly podcasts anymore. That’s all.

Thank you all sooooo much, and keep your eyes peeled, ears cocked and #balls out. Don’t think of us as leaving, think of us spreading our wings, like a lovely pigeon… A Windsor Pigeon. 


Love you all,

Tom, Ash and Craig

The (award-winning) Gaffer Tapes

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